Wisconsin Supreme Court declines to take up Trump lawsuit challenging election results
By on December 04, 2020
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Wisconsin Supreme Court declines to take up Trump lawsuit challenging election results
In a 4-3 decision, the court denied immediate review of the case, leaving the door open for Trump to file his challenge in lower courts.
Trump's presidency's silver lining is the creation of a massive uptick in the average citizen's participation in politics from the top to the bottom. He is the fork in the road and hopefully we choose the correct path forward. Right-wing conservatives teamed up with General Michael Flynn in spreading incendiary rumors that liberals were planning a violent coup against Trump and thus advocating for Trump to declare martial law and have the military oversee a new election. Conservatives have become all bonkers, and they are fantasizing about a civil war. They want to set the country on fire. This is why every election matters, even seemingly obscure ones. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is currently made of 4 conservatives and 3 liberals. This ruling was 4-3 with the majority comprised of the Court's 3 liberals plus a single conservative Justice. The ruling would've been 4-3 for Trump if not for liberal Justice Karofsky unseating conservative Justice Dan Kelly in the mid-pandemic April 2020 judicial election, where the then 5-2 conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court intervened to rig the vote in incumbent Kelly's favor, leaving deep blue Milwaukee residents with only 5 polling places to vote at. In the middle of a pandemic. America is on the edge of the abyss and Americans need to wake up and participate in politics by voting. It's a civic duty that bears an incalculable responsibility. Maybe it should be mandatory to vote in the United States. In Australia, if you don't vote, you should be fined.


Too Much and Never Enough:
How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, by Mary L. Trump

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Wisconsin Supreme Court declines to take up Trump lawsuit challenging election results
By on Dec 04, 2020
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Trump's calls with world leaders are so bad advisors consider him a high national security risk.
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Wisconsin Supreme Court declines to take up Trump lawsuit challenging election results

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