Rumors are mounting that Rwanda's president Paul Kagame may have died of COVID-19
By on April 26, 2020
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Rumors are mounting that Rwanda's president Paul Kagame may have died of COVID-19


The last time he appeared in public was in March
By on April 26, 2020
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Looking frail and speaking in English to address his Rwandan-speaking country fellows, he was showing how to wash hands in order to avoid being infected or spreading the virus.


Too Much and Never Enough:
How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, by Mary L. Trump

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Obama says U.S. lacks leadership on virus in virtual commencement speech
By on May 16, 2020
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Senate Intelligence Committee report confirms Russia aimed to help Trump get elected in 2016
By on May 16, 2020
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Will 2020 be the year abortion is banned in the US?
By on May 15, 2020
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72 people test positive for coronavirus after anti-lockdown protest in Wisconsin
By on May 13, 2020
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Vaccins, un génocide planétaire? Par Christian Tal Schaller
By on May 12, 2020
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Canadian student named first black valedictorian in Princeton University's history
By on May 11, 2020
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Multiple White House staff members test positive for coronavirus
By on May 09, 2020
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Biotechnology, synthetic viruses at the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic?
By on May 07, 2020
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Brunswick, GA. Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery is chased and shot dead by two white nationalists on February 23, 2020
By on May 07, 2020
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Tensions escalate between the US and China over the coronavirus. China warns they could lead to military confrontation in a report
By on May 05, 2020
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Canadian doctors investigate possible link between COVID-19 and rare children's disease
By on May 04, 2020
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Both presidents Bush and Obama warned against a Covid19-like pandemic
By on May 02, 2020
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The African diaspora stands against COVID-19 vaccine trials in the DRC Congo
By on May 01, 2020
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Emmanuel Macron: "Moi je construis des marionnettes avec de la ficelle et du papier".
By on Apr 30, 2020
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Man disguised as a police officer kills 22 and injures 3 in Nova Scotia, Canada
By on Apr 29, 2020
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Trump's lovefest with Kim Jong-un: the material raw out of which a future fascist America is being constructed.
By on Apr 29, 2020
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COVID-19 poem: The only vaccine for this virus is Love.
By on Apr 28, 2020
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Republicans have done it again: take from the average American, give to the ultra rich
By on Apr 28, 2020
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COVID-19: Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, shows how to wear a protective facial mask
By on Apr 28, 2020
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Rumors are mounting that Rwanda's president Paul Kagame may have died of COVID-19
By on Apr 26, 2020
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Rumors are mounting that Rwanda's president Paul Kagame may have died of COVID-19

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