Trump: The greatest conman in American history
By on November 15, 2020
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Trump: The greatest conman in American history
Under Trump, America got conned again and again. MAGA hat wearers became themselves victims of Trump's con game.
Trump was swept to power in large part by white working-class voters who responded to his vow to restore the voices of forgotten people, ones drowned out by big business and Wall Street. While campaigning, Trump promised to fix the American democracy which he said was "broken". Yet his election seemed to be another result of a conspiracy by a single Power Elite that has been secretly manipulating events in their own selfish interest by deciding the life-and-death issues for the nation as a whole, leaving relatively minor matters for the middle level and almost nothing for the common person. His administration became the most corrupt in American history. Trump filled his transition team with some of the very sort of people who he had complained have too much clout in Washington: corporate consultants and lobbyists. Jeffrey Eisenach, a consultant who worked for years on behalf of Verizon and other telecommunications clients, was the head of the team that helped to pick staff members at the Federal Communications Commission. Michael Catanzaro, a lobbyist whose clients include Devon Energy and Encana Oil and Gas, held the "energy independence" portfolio. Michael Torrey, a lobbyist who run a firm that has earned millions of dollars helping food industry players such as the American Beverage Association and the dairy giant Dean Foods, helped set up the new team at the Department of Agriculture. His Secretary of State became big oil executive Rex Tillerson, a former CEO of ExxonMobil. A shipping heiress, Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell's wife, run the Department of Transportation. A big pharma executive, Tom Price, run the Department of Health and Human Services. Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyist, run the Environmental Protection Agency. An oil lobbyist, David Bernhardt, run the Interior Department. Bernhardt focused on giving corporations greater access to natural lands and public resources. An investment banker with strong connections with Goldman Sachs, CIT Group, OneWest, Dune Capital Management, Paulson & Co, Steven Mnuchin, run the Treasury Department. Defense Secretary Mark Esper, had strong corporate connections with Raytheon, Aerospace Industries Association and the US Chamber of Commerce. Betsy DeVos, the daughter of a wealthy western Michigan industrialist, became Education Secretary. She is married to Amway heir Richard DeVos and is the sister of military contractor Erik Prince who owns Blackwater, a private mercenary company. Wilbur Ross, dubbed the "King of bankruptcy", an investor and businessman connected to the Rothschild family, chaired the Department of Commerce. How the Trump administration got America in trouble, the people he duped wouldn't see. They blindly pledged to follow him no matter what. Even after his trade wars affected his rural supporters most. And then came the coronavirus. Trump deliberately mishandled the pandemic, hoping it would deter people from turning out to vote, which would have worked in his favor to get re-elected. Unemployment hit above 10%. Over 11 million people became infected with the deadly virus. More than 250,000 people have died. Americans became polarized politically and are now at each other's throats. Kindness and mutual respect got tossed out the window. Guns proliferated on the streets. Trump told White supremacist groups to "stand back and stand by". Kids feared going safely to school. Unemployment benefits run out. People lost their homes because they couldn't pay their rent or mortgage. All this while his cronies in the swamp plundered away.


Too Much and Never Enough:
How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, by Mary L. Trump

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Trump: The greatest conman in American history
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Trump: The greatest conman in American history

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